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Erina Fair and Lend Lease Retail are committed to delivering a sustainable future for all our stakeholders. We recognise the legacy of our activities and we are accountable for what we take, what we create and what we leave behind.

Erina Fair is continually working to reduce its impact on the local environment and contribute to the local economy and community. The centre is implementing a number of exciting initiatives as part of our commitment to sustainability. We are currently focusing on water saving initiatives where we aim to achieve zero water consumption and have introduced a world first on-site organic waste recycling system that produces mulch to feed our garden beds.

Air Cooled Woks

The recent replacement of water cooled woks in Asian restaurants with air cooled woks. 14 woks were replaced, each saving over 5,000 litres of water per day or an annual total of 25 million litres of water.

Coffee Cup Recycling

Australians use approximately 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. While reusable cups are growing in popularity, many people still prefer the convenience of a takeaway cup.

To help combat this growing waste problem, Erina Fair has partnered with Simply Cups, Australia's first coffee cup recycling program and have introduced five dedicated Coffee Cup Recycling Bins throughout the centre for our Retailers and Customers to support this war on waste and help make a positive difference to the environment.

The five new recycling bins can be located in the following areas;

• Coles Fresh Food Precinct near Sutcliffe Meats
• Outside Woolworths 
• Boardwalk Mall near Target
• Fashion Mall near Lorna Jane
• Kmart Mall near Priceline

Since the Simply Cups recycling program began in April 2017, over 6 million cups have been diverted from landfill Nationally with this tally growing on a daily basis. Instead, Simply Cups have worked with innovators to transform the disposable cups into new products, including building materials, garden beds, bench seats and kerbing with more exciting product ranges to be announced in the coming months.

The Erina Fair community have embraced this initiative in a phenomenal manner and we are so proud  to report that we have successfully diverted in excess of 100,000 cups from landfill as at Dec 31, 2019. Let's keep up the great work and we look forward to providing further positive updates in the future. 



Daily inspections of toilets is in place and auto flushing of urinals have been disabled with the use of the Desert Cubes. Flow control has been fitted on all basins throughout the Centre, which reduces the flow rate to around 40% of the original flow rate.

Synthetic Grass

No town irrigation is used and grass has been replaced with synthetic grass in the Hive.

Water Saving

Erina Fair is leading the way in water-saving with the introduction of a new Water Management System which should see the centre save 18,000 kilolitres of water annually, the equivalent of seven 50m Olympic swimming pools. The new Water Management System will harvest rainwater from the roof of Hoyts Cinema, Erina Ice Arena and the Kmart Mall which will increase the Erina Fair Shopping Centre recycled water storage capacity from 300 kilolitres to 1,700 kilolitres. The water saved will be used to supply non-potable locations (areas which cannot be used for drinking) within the centre such as cooling towers, car wash, toilets not including hand basins, and Erina Ice Arena.

Waterless Urinals

Two new generation waterless urinals have been installed in the Corner, which require less cleaning throughout the day and therefore less water. These are on trial and if successful will be rolled out throughout the centre.

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