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Erina Fair has a number of parking services to assist you whilst shopping at our centre

With over 4,500 car bays, Erina Fair is the destination for your ‘one-stop shopping’.

Parents with Prams
Extra wide parking for those visitors with small children in prams. Located close to all main centre entrances as well as the undercover parking area off the Terrigal Drive entrance
Accessible Parking
Our accessible parking bays are wider than other parking spaces to make access to and from the centre easier. Accessible parking bays are located near all the centre's main entrances.
Senior Citizen Parking
Parking for people over 55 years of age is conveniently located close to all main centre entrances and in the undercover parking area accessible from Terrigal Drive.
Our Quickshop parking bays are reserved for customers who are visiting the centre for less than one hour. They are located outside the Woolworths entrance.
Night Stop
After dark parking which is perfect for late night shopping. Covering most of our Quickshop parking, it is close to Woolworths and Aldi and well lit for your security.

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