BIG W Ramp Changed Traffic Conditions

Last Updated Wednesday 4 October, 2023.

Changed Traffic Conditions at the Big W Entry/Exit Ramp

Please be advised Erina Fair will be continuing construction works on and around the Big W entry/exit ramp from Wednesday 4 October 2023.

This will include a change in traffic conditions when entering at the top of the ramp. 

You will no longer enter the car park through the clearance (pictured below), you will now continue straight when at the top of the ramp as signs on site will direct. 

Follow the arrows and signage as indicated.


The exit from the car park has not changed since below October 2022 works. 


Any questions or concerns regarding these changes please contact us via Customer Service on 4365 8200. 


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 



October 2022 Works are listed below. 

A reduction in the maximum height for entry at the top of the ramp from 2.4m to 2.1m, and a change in the exit point from the top parking lot.

From Wednesday 5 October you will no longer be able to exit the top deck parking via the ramp located next to Australia Post. This ramp will be for up access only.

Leaving the carpark will now be via the street level exit near the roundabout.

Please see the updated journey in pictures below;


1. You can no longer exit down the ramp pictured below


2. You will now follow this route along to the end of the row


3. You will then follow the exit signs straight until you reach the exit ramp


4. Proceed down the exit ramp pictured below


5. Once you reach the bottom proceed straight 


6. Turn right here


7. Follow along until the end of the row


8. Exit here leading to the roundabout located prior to the Big W entry ramp 




During these works the exit attached to the Big W ramp (pictured below) will also be CLOSED. You will be able to exit out the same exit pictured above, arrows will guide you to the open exit. 



Please also note during these works Dock 2 (pictured below) will be temporarily CLOSED.



Delivery drivers can temporarily use Dock 3 located near Woolworths or Dock 1 located near the Food Court. 

Dock 3 -


Dock 1 - 




If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via our Customer Service Desk located opposite Cotton On Kids or via phone on 4365 8200.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.