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9:00am - 5:00pm

Live a sustainable life

From attracting beneficial bugs to living chemical free, reducing your household plastic usage to sustainable gardening practices… join us at The Patch and learn how you can improve your health and wellbeing whilst positively impacting our planet.

A purpose built green garden oasis which will be home to an abundance of homegrown fun and interactive workshops, The Patch will be popping-up in Centre Court from Saturday 24th August through to Sunday 8th September 2019.


In addition to the workshops, you can explore the space and chat to resident gardening experts from Kincumber Mitre 10 who will be available to answer any questions and provide tips and tricks from 9am - 5:30pm weekdays and 10am - 5pm on weekends. 


What’s more, The Patch will be home to some very special guest appearances including the much loved dirtgirl and scrapboy of ABCKids Dirtgirlworld spin-off program Get Grubby TV who will host their singalong Grubby Bucket Show on Saturday 24th August. Learn, watch and grow as the girl with a dirt name, in a dirt game continues to explore the wonders around us with quizzes, challenges and songs that will give your budding gardeners loads of ideas on how they can make a positive difference to the planet in their own backyard. Plus stick around for a meet and greet and a special take home gift. 


You can also create your own mini oasis with Garden Guru Melissa King in an engaging, info-packed workshop for grown ups on Saturday 31st August. Learn how to layer different plants, how to understand micro climates in your home and how to care for your newly created organic design. 


To bid farewell to The Patch we have partnered with Fairhaven Services to host The Patch Pre-Loved Pop-up Shop where you can shop pre-loved childrens and adults clothing. With nothing over $10, help make a positive change on Saturday 14th September and receive a sustainable string bag when you spend $20 or more. 


What’s more, all those who visit The Patch have a chance to win a number of great prizes including an Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop and a hand full of $500 Erina Fair Gift Cards

Below you’ll find a workshop schedule and workshop outlines. You can also grab a copy of The Patch Guide in-centre and take the opportunity to learn a few tips and tricks at the workshops of interest to you.



What’s On at The Patch

11am, Sat 24 Aug dirtgirl Grubby Bucket Show
12pm, Sat 24 Aug dirtgirl Meet & Greet 1pm
1pm, Sat 24 Aug Native Bee Keeping
11am, Sun 25 Aug Organic Gardening
12pm, Sun 25 Aug Garden to Plate, the resurgence of heirloom varieties
12pm, Mon 26 Aug Chemical Free Living
12pm, Tue 27 Aug Preserving and Pickling
12pm, Wed 28 Aug Seed Saving
10am, Thu 29 Aug Keeping Backyard Chickens
11am, Fri 30 Aug Natural Bee Keeping
11am, Sat 31 Aug Melissa King workshop/presentation
1pm, Sat 31 Aug Composting/Worm Farming with Worm Tower
10am, Sun 1 Sep Native Bee Keeping
11am, Sun 1 Sep Good Bugs, Bad Bugs with Companion Planting
12pm, Sun 1 Sep Medicinal Natives, common plants that improve health and wellbeing
1pm, Mon 2 Sep Organic Gardening
12pm, Tue 3 Sep Recycled No Dig Garden
12pm, Wed 4 Sep Composting/Worm Farming, making a Worm Tower
12pm, Thu 5 Sep Native Bee Keeping
12pm, Fri 6 Sep Organic Gardening
10am, Sat 7 Sep Small Space Gardening
11am, Sat 7 Sep Making a Beneficial Insect Hotel
12pm, Sat 7 Sep Propagation 101, bring more life to your garden
10am, Sun 8 Sep Preserving and Pickling
11am, Sun 8 Sep Making Beeswax Wraps
12pm, Sun 8 Sep Recycle and Repurpose, creative garden hacks

Workshop Outlines:

Chemical Free Living
Like to ditch the chemicals in your home? In this informative and practical workshop, you’ll discover smart ways to live chemical-free. Discover the hidden chemicals in your food, cleaning products and clothes and their impact on your health and the environment, plus how you can reduce their use.

Composting/Worm Farming With a Worm Tower
Unearth the secrets of great composting in this comprehensive session. Discover how to make and where to position your compost in the backyard and learn the differences between building and brewing compost. Get a foolproof recipe for compost and get tips on how to best use your powerful new resource. Plus, learn all about how to create and sustain your own worm farm – and avoid common pitfalls.

Garden To Plate – The Resurgence of Heirloom Varieties
In years gone by, farming families would pass down their own selections of high-performing vegetables, fruit and livestock varieties through the generations. This workshop will showcase the history of some forgotten gems and show you how you can grow them again in your own home patch.

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and Companion Planting
Meet the good guys of the bug world, and identify the ones you don’t want in your garden at this informative session. Examine the lifecycle of bugs, and commonly found bugs and diseases in Australian backyards and discover how you can create a sustainable and edible garden without relying on chemical sprays. You’ll also learn top companion planting and fertilising tips to encourage welcome bugs and discourage pests.

Keeping Backyard Chickens
Feeling clucky? Don’t miss this essential workshop on the basics of backyard chickens. From choosing the right breed to housing and feeding tips, our experts will give you the lowdown on these fascinating birds, including insights on chicken behaviours – and the right way to handle eggs. You’ll also learn about animal welfare, council regulations, general safety and why keeping chickens is an important part of a sustainable backyard.

Making a Beneficial Insect Hotel
An insect hotel offers free accommodation to its occupants and in return, they provide much needed pollination and pest predation – vital for any sustainable garden. In this workshop, we’ll show you how easy it is to make your own insect hotel with nothing more than a little time and effort.

Making Beeswax Wraps
Beeswax wraps are a safe and natural way to reduce your household’s reliance on plastic and this workshop will show you just how easy they are to make yourself. Made from cotton and coated in all-natural beeswax, they’re completely food-safe and can be reused over and over again – and when they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle, they can go in the compost.

Medicinal Plants – Common Plants That Improve Health & Wellbeing
Common garden plants can provide a boost to your health and wellbeing all year round. From anti-inflammatory properties to a boost to the immune system, the answer is most likely growing in your garden. Learn how easy and convenient it is to grow natural treatment alternatives at your fingertips.

Native Bee Keeping
Bees play a vital role in the health of the planet – and globally, they are under threat. In this fascinating session, you’ll learn how to correctly identify native bees, explore beehive society and the life of solitary bees. Plus, learn how to keep native bees and feed them properly, so they can help feed you.

Natural Bee Keeping
Learn the essentials of a practice that dates back thousands of years. This workshop explores the fascinating history of bees and takes you inside their beehive for a rare look at their daily lives. Learn how to keep your own hives at home, from how to source bees to harvesting your own honey.

Organic Gardening
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to garden organically, without the use of toxic chemicals, this hands-on workshop is a great place to start. With a focus on edible gardens, you’ll learn how to use compost, plant seasonally, use companion planting and crop rotation. Plus discover how to make your own natural fertilisers and natural pest remedies that will help you nurture abundance

Preserving & Pickling
Preserving and pickling is a fine tradition and a smart way to keep food longer, while reducing food waste and landfill. This session unpacks the basic principles of preserving and pickling your food and the value of preserving and pickling in a sustainable ethos.

Propagation 101 – Bring More Life To Your Garden
Make your gardening go further, with clever propagation techniques you can try at home. This workshop will show you how to take advantage of the natural behaviours of plants that split, grow, layer and divide to generate new life – and share the bounty with friends and family.

Recycle And Repurpose – Creative Garden Hacks
Don’t miss this creative session on how to repurpose common household waste or damaged goods from your home. Packed with practical garden hacks, you’ll find dozens of ideas you can take home and use in your own garden.

Recycled No-Dig Garden
Discover the benefits of a no-dig garden. This workshop offers up the ingredients for a foolproof version, plus the right position for brag-worthy results. You’ll establish a framework and create your garden’s essential layers, with guidance on best planting and maintenance 101.

Seed Saving
Saving seeds is a great starting point for developing a strong foundation for your produce. Not only does it build a stronger gene pool, it can also be a canny way to garden affordably over the long-term. Learn the best ways to save seeds – and the best plants to save.

Small Space Gardening
Being short on space doesn’t mean being short on home grown veggies. Roll your sleeves up  to learn how you can make your very own compact or vertical garden with affordable planting options and easy nurturing techniques.

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