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9:00am - 5:00pm

Learn how to garden sustainably!

How can a sustainable garden improve your health and wellbeing? What are beneficial bugs and how can you attract them? How can you grow your own organic edible garden. How can you improve the air quality of your home? Join us at The Patch to learn all this and more.

Visit our resident gardeners from 9.30am to 1.30pm daily or attend one of the many, free, workshops 
on offer. Whether you’re a beginner or wanting to enhance your sustainable gardening knowledge we’re sure you’ll gain loads of valuable tips, tricks and insights to aid in your efforts.

Plus there’s loads of fun kids activities hosted by Star 104.5, they’ll keep the littlies busy with vegetable painting, grass-head making or animal snack art.

A collaboration with Star 104.5 and the gardening experts at Mitre 10 Kincumber and Sustainable Education.

Below is summary of all workshops. Drop by The Patch in Centre Court and collect your complete schedule of events.


Breathe easy, detoxify your home
Saturday 8 Sep 1pm / Sunday 9 Sep 1pm

Are you aware that common houseplants do an amazing job making us feel better about ourselves and purifying the air we breathe whilst asking very little in return? Indoor plants improve not only your mental health by releasing “happy garden” endorphins while we potter away but they also remove common toxins from the air we breathe. After setting up the right plants in the best locations to help them flourish, common indoor plants will cleanse the air in our homes for free.

Bush Tucker plants
Saturday 15 Sep 1pm / Sunday 16 Sep 1pm

Why eat out when you have everything in your own backyard? Invite some of our native alternatives into your fruiting forest and you will be surprised at not only how hardy they are but the unique forms and flavours of our Bush Tucker plants. By sourcing native alternatives you can learn more about the history of this country, essential oils and medicinal applications practiced for centuries with plants growing naturally in our environment.

Companion planting & Mother Nature’s solutions
Saturday 22 Sep 1pm / Sunday 23 Sep 1pm

With centuries of practical application and refinement, companion planting can be easily practiced to help nature keep the balance in the garden. By using simple techniques you can attract beneficial insects to predate on unwanted pests and even trick them onto decoy plants that act like pest magnets. The miracle of Pyrethrum & canola oil has been the driving force behind the development of a Certified Organic range of pest and disease solutions that are safe to use on the crops you intend to eat. You can also encourage more bees into your gardens with specific “bee attractants” that help pollination and higher crop yields while keeping the pests at bay.

Tuesday 18 Sep 12 noon / Saturday 22 Sep 10am

My secret compost recipe, delicious! Where to position compost in your backyard, what to house it in, the differences between building or brewing compost and how to best use your precious garden power-pack. Plus: Bokashi. Never heard of it? You’re in for a treat!

Grow Your Own Edible Garden 
Saturday 29 Sep 1pm / Sunday 30 Sep 1pm

Get the foundations right get a great result. This must be the best starting point to growing your own food organically and sustainably. The location needs enough light, air and water and its position in the garden helps this happen as naturally as possible. Crop selection and forward planning will allow you to rotate and complement your crops by adding additional taste or encouraging symbiotic relationships. Green manure and seed banking is an easy way to recycle and maintain healthy soil with stronger crops year upon year.

Keeping Backyard Chickens
Saturday 9 Sep 10am / Saturday 15 Sep 10am / Saturday 22 Sep 11am / Saturday 29 Sep 10am

Here chooky, chooky! Choose the right breed of feathery friend, understand chicken behaviours, house and feed your chickens properly and learn the right way to handle eggs. You’ll also learn about animal welfare, council regulations, general safety and good practice. Plus, why keeping chickens is an important part of a sustainable backyard.

Making Beeswax Wraps
Sunday 16 Sep 11am / Sunday 23 Sep 10am / Thursday 27 Sep 12 noon

Reduce your household plastic usage by learning how to make beeswax wraps. A safe and natural alternative to plastic packaging, they’re made from cotton and coated in all natural beeswax that is completely food safe. They can be reused over and over again, and can also be composted once they reach the end of the life cycle.

Native Bee Keeping
Sunday 9 Sep 10am / Thursday 13 Sep 12 noon / Friday 21 Sep 12 noon

Life would look pretty grim without bees. Correctly identify these native gems, explore beehive society and the life of solitary bees. Learn how to keep native bees and feed them properly – so they can help feed you. Plus learn about bee hives and solitary bees.

Native Wildlife
Sunday 9 Sep 11am

Build it and they will come! Create a backyard habitat supportive of native flora and fauna. Discover natives in your area and what the best flora is for sustaining wildlife. We’ll share garden samples, suitable homes for different native animals and establish if your home is in a wildlife corridor.

Natural Bee Keeping
Saturday 8 Sep 11am / Saturday 29 Sep 11am / Sunday 30 Sep 11am

Learn the essentials of a practice that dates back to BC (yes, really!). Explore the fascinating history of bees, life inside the beehive, keeping hives at home, how to source bees, diseases and other issues affecting bees. Last but not least, the glorious nectar of Gods – honey!

Organic Gardening
Tuesday 4 Sep 12 noon / Friday 14 Sep 12 noon / Sunday 30 Sep 10am 

Learn how to garden organically, without the use of toxic synthetic chemicals, which create health issues for you and the environment. The focus will be on productive edible gardens, however the principles apply to all types of gardening and agriculture. We will find out how to nurture the soil with compost, plant seasonally, use companion planting, crop rotation, natural fertilisers made from the garden and natural pest remedies to create a natural and abundant garden. This is a practical workshop with hands on facilitation.

Preserving & Pickling
Thursday 6 Sep 12 noon / Sunday 16 Sep 10am

Is an age old practice to sustainably keep food and reduce household waste. Learn the basic principles of preserving and pickling your food whilst understanding the basics of eating sustainably.

Recycled Kitchen Garden
Monday 3 Sep 12 noon / Monday 17 Sep 12 noon / Tuesday 25 Sep 12 noon

Items often mistaken as waste or garbage will form your next low cost, productive garden. Reassess, reuse and repurpose to reap the benefits of a recycled kitchen garden made from compost, reclaimed plants or items commonly thrown out into landfill. Learn how to make an edible garden out of an old wheelbarrow/container. Recycling throughout the garden using reused veggies, seeds and crop rotation.

Recycled No Dig Garden
Tuesday 11 Sep 12 noon / Wednesday 19 Sep 12 noon / Sunday 23 Sep 11am

There are so many benefits of a no-dig garden. We’ll share the ingredients we use to grow ours, plus where to position yours for brag-worthy results. You’ll establish a framework and create your garden’s essential layers, with guidance on best planting and maintenance 101.

Seed Saving
Friday 7 Sep 12 noon / Wednesday 26 Sep 12 noon

Seed saving is a great starting point for developing a strong foundation for your produce, not only does it build a stronger gene pool, but it also you a tonne of money in the process. Learn the best practice for saving seeds and what are the best plants to save.

Small Space Gardening
Wednesday 5 Sep 12 noon / Monday 24 Sep 12 noon

Being short on space doesn’t mean being short on home grown veggies. Roll your sleeves up for a whole lot of fun and make your very own compact or vertical garden with affordable planting options and easy nurturing techniques (that don’t involve sing to your tomato plants).

Waterwise Gardening
Monday 10 Sep 12 noon / Friday 28 Sep 12 noon

Savvy plant selection, winning the war on weeds, understanding soils, watering methods, and making the most of rain and our seasons all make for a water wise garden. You’ll study your microclimate and how compost, mulch and correct watering will boost your garden (plus where it can all go wrong).

Worm farming
Wednesday 12 Sep 12 noon / Thursday 20 Sep 12 noon

Worms, glorious worms! No great garden is complete without them. In this favoured module, you’ll learn what home worm farming is all about, how to start one, how to keep your backyard buddies happy with the right food and positioning. You’ll also unearth (no pun intended) common worm farming pitfalls. Plus learn how to make a worm tower.


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