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Editorial Ultimate Beauty Giveaway

Posted on 5 April by Erina Fair


We asked, you answered....

Here are the Go-To skincare products or regimes our AW19 Ultimate Beauty Giveaway winners can't get enough of throughout the colder months. We certainly learnt a thing or two!

Lisle S; My winter go to is Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush. It has the most delicious long lasting scent and keeps my skin wonderfully supple. It prevents dry skin that often occurs in the colder months. Once tried, forever hooked!

Carlie Wiltshire; As winters nears, my hack is that you start nourishing your skin from the inside, out. Hydrate with at least 2 litres water each day. Also try to have a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids or take fish oil tablets to promote better skin (and overall) health.

Kyleigh Cooper; When the windy, dry, cold winter arrives. I apply a coconut base oil to my dry legs. This creates a feeling of indulgence. It re- nourishes my dry skin. And, the coconut aroma creates a relaxed feeling and reminds me that summer is just around the corner.

Rita Coenen; I LOVE Ole Henriksen 'Sheer Transformation' moisturizer, (and all other Ole Henriksen products)  SOOOO glad Erina Fair now has a Sephora, the only place in Australia I can buy Ole Henriksen.

Cheryl Wildman; My go to beauty is the body shop honey lip scrub and lip balm for those dry lips in winter which always happens when you get sick or run down. It takes the dry skin of and makes for smooth luscious lips.

Kim Hardacre; My go to product is tinted moisturiser. Keeps the face skin looking slightly tanned and summery.

Liza Dhirghami; My ultimate beauty hack for the colder months is twice a day using the aloe gel from home grown aloe Vera plant   It keeps the skin glowing and prevents it from becoming dry.

Leanne Cotte; My toothbrush goes from my teeth to my lips. In Winter my lips become really dry, so I use lip balm on my toothbrush and run it over your lips in a circular motion to exfoliate and remove dry skin. Say goodbye to chapped lips. KISS KISS.

Charmaine McLeod-Warner; I love Winter but without my favourite beauty go-to's my self-care routine would freeze! The essential products for me are Sephora's Ultra Repair Lip Therapy, for soft smooth lips in the cold, and Kora Organics Body Exfoliator to slough away rough skin and keep me glowing and buzzing with warmth!

Kirsty Nash; My home made lip balm made from beeswax (from my own hives!) and calendula keeps my lips soft all winter.

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