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Junkyard Orchestra

International and national research shows that music education uniquely contributes to the emotional, physical, social and cognitive growth of all students.

Music in schools contributes to both instrumental and aesthetic learning outcomes; transmission of cultural heritage and values; and, students’ creativity, identity and capacity for self-expression and satisfaction. Source: Augmenting the Diminished, National Review of School Music Education, Australia, 2005.

Most kids miss out on effective music education while at school. Research* shows that as few as two out of ten state schools in Australia are able to offer their students an effective music education.

Erina Fair has developed the Junkyard Orchestra School Challenge in collaboration with the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra and the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music to redress this balance in our local community.

This initiative aims to make music more accessible to classroom teachers across the Central Coast through a series of lessons which are creative, engaging and enjoyable for both teachers and students.

It also aims to acknowledge and reinforce to teachers, students and the community the importance of sustainability. This is achieved through the creation and use of recycled instruments to create a Junkyard Orchestra.

*Source: Music Council of Australia


We can all do with a little more music in our lives. Take on the Junkyard Orchestra School Challenge

Try your hand at building your own musical instruments and creating simple rhythms.

Don’t worry if your compositions aren’t as polished as you would like. It’s all about having fun.

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